Oh you gorgeous Pljeskavica!

She always saves the day.

After nights out, she used to gather us together.

After long sleepless nights and many drinks, it was the only thing we craved.

She is like the icing on the cake after a stormy night and a gentle lullaby before going to sleep. It is an object of worship for men and a sweet sin for ladies.

And the most common breakfast, lunch and dinner of workers, a rich snack of schoolchildren and a meal of many children.

Simply put, nothing like a good burger!

And who are we?

We are Ushara. We love burgers and want to bring them back to their old glory and glory and what they meant to us!

We want to gather you and see you happy and satisfied.

And of course, to eat well.

After 30 years of experience in catering, through the Belavila chain of restaurants in Kikinda and Novi Sad, full of enthusiasm, will and good energy, we enter new challenges with a full heart and with good, quality meat!

See you at the place of good meat!

Your Ushara team