• 30 years of experience in catering

    Autor: UŠARA

    30 years ago, we started our family hospitality adventure through the Belavila chain of restaurants in Kikinda and Novi Sad. In 30 years we have learned to listen to our guests, to recognize and understand what they want and when they do not say it.
    Years passed, sorrows and joys alternated, a lot was eaten and drunk, but one thing has not changed for 30 years - he always returns to our restaurants.
    It is a confirmation that what we do we do well!

  • Kikinda is the largest barn owl wintering place in the world.

    Autor: UŠARA

    Every year, several hundreds of egrets spend the winter here.

    Why exactly in Kikinda?

    From the air, the pedestrian area in Kikinda resembles a forest with lots of greenery and trees that provide warm shelter and protection to the woodpeckers. Tucked away in the high treetops, they got used to living with people and found their own peace and security there. Like us.

    But there comes a time when you outgrow your nest, fly over some other landscape where the air smells something different...

  • Beef meat is healthy!

    Autor: UŠARA

    Beef is meat from young cattle, aged from 12 to 18 months. Fresh beef has a nice red color, interspersed with small veins and has a firm texture.
    It has exceptional nutritional value, contains many essential amino acids, fats, minerals, vitamins E, B, and B12 and has much less cholesterol.
    The meat we use for burgers and kebabs is 100% beef. We purchase it from local growers from the Banat area.

  • We protect ourselves and the environment!

    Autor: UŠARA

    EcoGrill is one of the most energy-efficient grills on the world market. With its ecological green approach, it is safe for the worker who uses it for a long time, and the food that is prepared is without harmful effects.
    While the emission of smoke particles and other dirty particles and vapors in the ventilation system have a negative effect on humans and the environment, with the help of several filters and ionizers, the electrostatic filters, which we have installed, eliminate all grease from the vapors, the neutralizer neutralizes all unpleasant odors, the carbon filters, which contain activated charcoal absolutely destroys all impurities, and UV lamps disinfect with UV rays system from viruses, bacteria and all pathogens, and the air coming out of our ventilation systems is completely clean, colorless and odorless and safe for humans and the environment.


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